Story Behind The Jewellery – Lindsey

Every so often i’m going to share a story behind some of the commissions I have been asked to make over the years. I asked Lindsey if she wouldn’t mind sharing her story. In her own words, here it is.

I had seen Lisa’s work for some time and loved her style. We have been through a lot to have my little boy. We found ourselves in the position of having to have IVF. Sadly I lost the baby from our first cycle. We went on to be incredibly lucky to have our baby boy from our second cycle. We’d had two embryos transferred on this cycle but lost one. When our little boy was one, we tried another cycle of IVF. Sadly this didn’t work either. We had a further loss a few months after this from our fourth cycle.

With IVF, people don’t really recognise these losses but I felt them and miss my babies and always wonder what they would have been like.

I really wanted something to bring me comfort on a daily basis and felt jewellery may be the best thing. I’d looked at a few companies but either people weren’t willing to make something bespoke or their products and style just didn’t fit what I was looking for. I spoke with Lisa and she just ‘got’ me! Not only did she have great ideas, she also was incredibly sensitive to represent my losses in a thoughtful way.

I now have the most beautiful bracelet that I can look down at every day and remember what we’ve been through, but also how lucky we are. My little boy is my ‘star’ and my lost babies my ‘wishes’.

It was a pleasure to make Lindsey this bracelet and lovely to know that I could help make something she will treasure!

Lisa x

“I really wanted something to bring me comfort on a daily basis”

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