The Year Ahead – Exciting Times

Happy New Year 2019 – Ten Years in Business

I’m very excited for the year ahead!  2018 whizzed by in a flash!

I started Limezest just after my eldest daughter was born. I seem to have blinked and I now have a ten year old daughter and a small business along side being a stay at home mum. I’ve been reflecting a lot recently; In my first year of business i sold £1000 worth of jewellery and for me at the time that was amazing and was so proud of myself. I didn’t have a website back then and I only sold through fetes and Christmas markets at local schools.

With the profit that year I bought a Red KitchenAid which I had wanted for sooo long. I cant tell you how good it felt to buy something with “my own money”. Being quite an independent person giving up my job and not having an income was quite an adjustment! I think the memory of that purchase will stay with me forever.

Ten years later and sales are growing year on year (and the KitchenAid is still going strong) but despite that I still get excited when i check my phone and see a new order come through, be it a simple pair of earrings or a gemstone ring. I still love to make something for someone knowing that they will open a beautifully wrapped parcel and smile!

Its not all been plain sailing, with postnatal anxiety after my second daughter was born and working on my own all day has been tough.  But, I seem to have found a balance over the last year or so.  I achieved that by stepping away from my workshop and taking my admin out to a cafe or by just taking a day off to go for a walk.  I still miss being part of a team though, but if Limezest continues to grow the way it is then it may be time to consider taking someone on to help!

“Exclusive 10th Birthday Design will be available in the next few weeks “

10th Birthday Design!

I have designed a small exclusive collection to celebrate my 10 years in business.

The first piece in the collection, a necklace, is a melted silver heart with a 9ct gold setting and a stunning faceted rainbow moonstone it has a matching bangle and also a plain melted silver heart necklace.

These will be available in the next week or so perfect for Valentines day too!

To keep the birthday celebrations going there will be monthly giveaways and quarterly offers either across the website or on specific items. Make sure you follow me on either Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date!

I may even hold an actual party with Champagne, Balloons and everything!

But for now as a thank you for reading! use code THANXBLOG for 10% off your order, valid until 13th Jan

Lisa x

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